Type(right)or - Eric Rosolowski

(Scene One)

I am sick, but feel good about whiskey mash
and sour motor starts that spit sewage out the tail
I am healthy, but feel bad about financial monetary
and (inter)views that never happed

Twenty to forty hours of sitting, sleeping late,
morning panned caked which I love, slow coffee,
cart toons and sun through the closed fall door

..dial...dial....dial..PPP crashes over and over
Can I cash unemloyment when I still have a job?
Do I have a job, boss, oh yes, loss
I think he,s lossed in Cyberspace(all rights reserved)
or falling on Wounded Knee

(Scene Two)

Unexpected expectation is what I need
I need that hand to pull me around and make every-
thing all write like it always is
It still is  allright  it always is

Like is worse for others I'm sur e I know
it keeps me humble pie, kee wee, b-berry too
fat free cool whipped topping that sits like a
futuristic health club where each door opens up a
new world activity if you have the right card to get 
in or a friend who has a membership..neon lights..fog

Eight hours to work or dream..(choose)
You can always dream about work
tho  se  thin   gs  t    hat   key  p   yo    u uP  at    dawn
night and all in between

(Scene Three)

And so it goes with a smile and a horse ride into
the sunset, the days that that jazz, beards, and a
close shave make you a fresh high noted ear pearcing
example of a human being wready to joblicate

(Musical Crash)     curtain fall
                             house lights on

A       P       P       L       A       U       S       E