Type(right)or - Eric Rosolowski


     Your r' s and t's will stick together
     Fingers will callous
      The right arrow represents the back

     s          p          a         c         e

     This is a machine, device for thought
     fusion with(out) re(vision) on demand
     the white key is broken

          1nce only 1nce
          The cursor reduces to metal prongs
     with acuracy as straight as the ribbon
     sliding impressions of the thoughts seen
     in print, no plug-ins

     Thisnis an immediate ..only slower
     due tolakof memory built ram tough

     "save" your work every 5 minutes
     take a s s s nap shot and develope
     envelope your_self in this sheet of
     dry bleached    window framed space

     SOUNDS eeecchhooo  tip tipt tap
     Present is _captured_
     Words are recorded
RE '          '