Soundfile Information and Users' Guide

Soundfile Information Guide

Different soundfile formats

The EPC contains a variety of audio formats each providing variations of fidelity:

Using soundfiles on a PC without a sound card

Although the sound will be very low quality, it is now possible to play soundfiles through the tiny speaker that comes with every PC. Download this copy of speak.exe ; it's a driver that tells your system to play sound through your PC speaker. Then:

  1. Go into "Main" from your "Program Manager".
  2. Go into "File Manager" and click on your newly downloaded speak.exe to expand it. (If you are so inclined, read the expanded audio.txt and license.txt files for more information about the PC speaker driver.)
  3. Close "File Manager" and open "Control Panel".
  4. Click on "Drivers".
  5. Click on "Add".
  6. Highlight "Unlisted or Updated Driver" and click OK.
  7. In the text-box enter the drive and path where speak.exe is located and click OK.
  8. "Sound Driver for PC-Speaker" will appear highlighted. Click OK.
  9. Click "Restart Now" to reload windows with your new speaker driver installed.
  10. You can now play soundfiles using the audio player software you have (.WAV files on the "Sound Recorder" in "Accessories" for example).

PC Speaker for Windows 95

After downloading and expanding speak.exe as above:

  1. Go into the "Control Panel".
  2. Click on "Add New Hardware".
  3. Do not "search" for anything.
  4. Click on "Sound Control".
  5. Click on "Have Disk".
  6. Then follow the instructions and restart Windows95.

If you have any questions about downloading files or getting them to work with your system, or if you would like to see a particular EPC soundfile made available in a particular format, write us email:

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updated 18 June 1997
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