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Sites with Literary Audio

Alphabetical Metalist of All EPC Links

Academy of American Poets Listening Booth features about 70 oft-anthologized 20th Century poets performing whole poems in RealAudio format.

An Audio Anthology is managed by the Atlantic Monthly. Features current and past Atlantic Monthly authors reading in RealAudio.

The Aural Tradition is produced by the English Department at the University of Pittsburgh. Three faculty members read their work in .AU format--one poet, one novelist, and one non-fiction author.

Berkeley Poetry Summer of 65. Clips of up to 30 seconds of Jack Spicer, Gary Snyder, Charles Olson, and Ed Dorn in .AIFF.

Selections of William Burroughs reading in .WAV.

Cyclops Press is a new small press which focuses on audio poetry. The site features some RealAudio clips from several of the authors they traffic in (strong Canadian content).

Conjunctions, produced at Bard College, contains RealAudio readings of about 20 poets from Leslie Scalapino to Antonin Artaud and includes some translation-performances.

William Faulkner Speeches. A handful of readings in RealAudio.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti reads his "Baseball Canto" in .AU (3 minutes long).

Harper Audio. A commercial site but with recordings of popular and important 20th Century poets like Pound and Eliot.

The Internet Poetry Archive of University of North Carolina Press. This site contains several readings by Czeslaw Milosz, Seamus Heaney, Philip Levine, Robert Pinsky, Margaret Walker, and Yusef Komunyakaa (RealAudio).

Kerouac Speaks. A collection of .AU files of Kerouac reading and in discussion, mostly very short.

Modern and Contemporary American Poetry. Several pieces by Gertrude Stein, John Cage and Jackson Mac Low in .AU under "texts".

Poetry Juke Box. Digitally produced and created sound poetry in RealAudio.

Radio IDT. This Georgia Tech run site features extended talks by literary and critical figures like Michael Joyce and Jean Baudrillard, as well as recordings of concerts in RealAudio.

Sonarchy. A very diverse site: readings, music and audio art from around the world. Dozens of pieces of audio offered in RealAudio and .AIFF which include illustrations and detailed write-ups. Some interesting audio art with good use and manipulation of found sound. Unknowns plus superstars of all stripes (Lenny Bruce, Gary Snyder, Susan Sontag and even Art Linkletter). Collected from the KRAB archives of alternative radio pioneer Lorenzo Milam.

SOUND POETRY. An excellent resource featuring RealAudio files of Apollinaire, Burroughs, Cage, Cocteau, Duchamp, Marinetti, Schwitters, and many others. (A frames-only environment)

The Spectra, poems by Fred Muratori. Poems with correlating readings in .WAV.

Unamunos Quorum. A vocal free improvisation group, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Weekly Poetry Readings U.K. Some dreadful stuff, like Princess Di commemorative poems, but occasionally something quirky and worth a second listen. Typically in .AU.

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