From, You Bet!

By Ted Greenwald

Extreme damage
Coming through the streaming
Feeling suddenly gust up
Against chest push back

Look around see
If anyone looking no one
Looking so I guess
Everything okay okay

Sit holding my head
Furiously picturing exactly
Where I'd like to see
My left arm be

Okay so you want
To look into the matter
With me when without
Looking, you who!, hi!

More to this
Than meets the eye
Which is attached to
Idea of ear by somehow

The somehow you've
Been telling me about
Whenever you enter
And exit my dreams

Whenever the dream
I'm having puts a void
That should be avoided
In another town

Whenever the dream
Where the void I am
Fills with vessels
Signalling blood to trellises

Some flower some
News from petal to petal
Water traveling from sky
Background through ground

To stem the launched
Doubts so ravenous
In their mental state
When you get there call

Look at it this way
The general intro in all
Fours hour the wind
Smooths out the whim

From now on take my
Word, my word!, for what
I'm about to tell you
You can expect to see

Dreaming in an array
Of exceptional colors
And lovely imaginary verbs
Do you mind if I stay

Energy ripping clothes
Off the clothesline of my
Back till toes come alive
Under auspices of foot

Breathe in breathe out like
Exits entrances comings
Goings from way down east
Not dead from neck up

Steel adamant inadvertent
Silvering the air
Where sun grabs collars
Says listen feller

Measured by distance from
Nose as crow flies
And is lost sight of
In blue so beautiful solution

Glug glug throat goes
Without turning on and in
The valve of the throat
The bivalve shoulders

By golly it take some doing
Talking through particles
With waltzes lucking out
The three-valve doors

Thinking exactly what order
Would should could be best
Under auxiliary lamps
Pieced with patched damps

So the temptation in the
Change from one voice to
Another is juice to lip
Another wire to listen to

Approaching what you had
In mind for me and how,
And how!, you heard what
I said in your head

Talk to myself in this internal
And external mark of
Walking the color chalk
Threshold outside you took

No as if no something else
No, go on!, talking since this
Might break concentration
Down the middle in two

Keeping me running
In the original direction
I'd set out to head in
Now came time to face

Tapestry futurity coming
Between me between
How I look know and how
I think I do and how to you

Becoming a little longer
And almost lost to the right of
Image old figure climbing
Beautiful color keep in cellar

Weaving house parts with
A whiff of body parts
With a walk
And push off right foot

Getting up and walking
Around keeping one foot
Still and keeping around
For amusement one ear

Celestial joyful math
Inspiring hand to take
Off shoe from foot and count
How much you mean to mean

Celestial joyful aftermath
With bare foot and body
Width transparent lead this
Air to the air notes in lungs

Envisioning an impressive
Shorthand which can reveal
The deepest slumbers and
Sleepers at slumber parties

Revising what I had to
Give you, but lost nerve!,
Four five years ago and
Looked lovely in two by fours

Following the exact outline
Where nerve and which
Nerve complete key questions
About this complete person

Not enough, surely!, to
Repeat after me, that's surely
Not what I had in mind
This is unfamiliar territory

Stony glance lets you know
I have it in for you
Investing you with a muse
Loving every minute

Off on the wrong foot
Putting off and pushing
Out to an unfamiliar
Green seduction makes and sells

Putting together an area I
Want you to pay attention to
And if so desired
A garden can be called

Words and wording
Back into my back
Where spine is to my liking
And nervousness my backing

Know this as pure research
Blotting for the better
Looped prepositions with
Startling conclusions

Working within and without
Over bill bridges is all you
Know and have to know
When you see my edges

Mindsplash nothing interesting
Nothing doing when you say
You think the bulb over your
Head means some idea

I had some idea take
My hat my head, my my!,
My feet off to you become
Stick figure trunkline

Forgetting for a seconds, I
Want seconds!, where I'm
Going let's stop for a minute
Look in the passing window

But the light but
The light is already effective
But the light is a minus
How you feel on the plus side

Forgetting how hard it is
To forget what I wanted
You to know everything
About me that's love

Be exercising the kind of
Mind that doesn't mind
Spending the day with a
Pocket full of change jingle

Thigh next to hand thigh
Between times
That're designed to let
Me in when light hits

Whereas finger heat is
What's needed to press
With and draw gravity
From deep within building

First glance so labor intensive
Puts shudders along
The outline of the accompanying
Body wish you were here

Pulling away is not so
But putting away is just
So, but parting is kind
Of sorrow pet pet

You get started and
Without warning you
Get started you stop
Get along without you now

Comment passing behind
The forefront of a body's
Ability to think terrible,
The most!, for itself, oh shit!

O clumsy barrier to music
O chums who make me wait
O full-scale landscape and
Hospital what doing near nears

Elaborating on a society of
Particles on such a nice
Day in the distance you can
Almost see everywhere

With clouds that serves
Balls to break the news
As plate falls from table
Of contents to you yours

Without a spacing that
From the side and above
Looks like the outlines
Where pants and behind pant

Waiving ten years later
Early results it's really
Who keeps looking for
Some kind kind hiring

Don't let the spacing fool
You, fooling around!, that's
For a type type of effect
Don't forget me to enclose

Changing suddenly from
A broken record vision
Which to my brain acts
As stupendous poison

I got me into this guess
It's my own fault default
Job to get out away from
Wayward adjective guests

Lights out, look out!,
The way you remember
What you were a moment
Ago dreaming, wonderful!

Then too no wonder
Voices rose floor by floor
Taking on protective coloration
Sunset is fabulous, fabulous!

San Francisco: This 1978
Page created by John Long.